Singing lead for the group is Bryan Sandlin.  Bryan is a native of Dallas, TX and currently resides in Rockwall, TX. He has been with the group since 2010. Bryan is active in the community and has served in various non-profit and philanthropic organizations.   Bryan retired from Real Estate Banking after working over 25 years in that area.  He is currently involved in the healthcare industry and serves on the Board of Directors of Paragon Healthcare, Inc. and Synergy Bank.


Barrett Doss sings tenor for the quartet and is a charter member.  Raised in a Christian home, Barrett and his sister were encouraged to sing at very early ages in church choir.  As his voice changed, he

The quartet decided in 2012 to assemble a band.  You might recognize the last name of our pianist, Rachel Paul. Rachel is married to our bass singer Tim.  Not only is Rachel an outstanding pianist capable of playing various styles of music, she has a wonder voice and is featured in many of our concerts.  She is the full time pianist at FBC Rockwall and is also very involved in the local schools where she plays accompaniment for band solo and ensemble competitions.  Rachel writes many of the charts for the band when music is not available.


Mark Allen plays keyboard in the band.  He grew up in Arlington, TX where he was raised in a musical family.  Mark started playing the piano at the early age of 5, taking lessons once a week until the age of 18. Mark has a wide appreciation for all types of music.  He got his love

began to sing bass/baritone in middle school choir.  To his great surprise (and disappointment), his voice began to change again - but in a "higher" direction.  He was a full-fledged 1st tenor by the time he entered his senior year of high school. “God has brought me to a place where I am grateful for the talents He has given me, and He has placed in me in a unique opportunity to share the ministry of southern gospel music with others.”Barrett is so very grateful for his life, and the never ending support of his family.


Our bass singer Tim Paul has been a member of the quartet since 2009.  “I remember the day I was asked to be the bass singer for Spiritual 4 Cast. What an honor and privilege to be spreading God’s word of hope through song! It’s amazing to see the results of God’s Good News on the faces of our audience.  I pray that you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoy singing about God’s great promises and hope!” – Tim. The quartet is equally blessed to have Tim singing with us.  Keeping Tim and Bryan in line during practice is a challenge to say the least.  What fun we have!


The second of two charter members of the quartet is our baritone Mark Stephens.  Mark has been involved in church music all of his life.   He grew up in a Christian home in Gatesville, Texas.  Mark has followed in his parents’ footsteps by singing in the church choir wherever he has been a member.  He has experience in directing church music as well as hand bells.  Mark met his wife while attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and they have two grown children. Mark and his wife moved to Rockwall, Texas in 1995 where God led them to First Baptist Church.  Mark currently serves as a deacon and is an active member of the worship choir.

for music from his father, who introduced Mark to country western and bluegrass music at an early age.  Mark and his father would travel together to bluegrass festivals, and Mark soon started playing the guitar and the 5 string banjo.  Mark’s father also played in a very well-known local bluegrass band named Bear Creek Bluegrass.  Mark would sit in and play with Bear Creek Bluegrass at events and pickin’ sessions throughout his younger years.  While living in Arlington, his family attended FBC Arlington.  Throughout his high school and college years, Mark played in several rock bands, which expanded his love for keyboards.  He attended Baylor University from 1981-1983 and finished his B.A. degree in Radio/TV/Film at University of North Texas in 1986.  Currently, Mark is the worship leader for Clearwater Community Church in Richardson.  Mark and his family live in Dallas, TX.


Dan McBrayer is our lead guitarist and has been a part of the band since its inception in 2012.  He and his wife have four children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  Dan has played guitar since third grade and has been involved with bands in one form or another throughout his life.  Dan plays bass guitar and keyboard for other bands in the North Dallas area and for the praise team at his local church.  Dan feels tremendously blessed to have been involved with music, which has brought him so much enjoyment and satisfaction throughout his life.  Simply put, Dan pretty much plays anything that has strings on it, and we are very blessed to have him part of our group.


Playing bass is Jeff Conner.  Jeff plays electric & upright bass for the band and currently serves as worship team leader for the Recovery for Life ministry at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas.  He also plays bass for the Sunday Contemporary Service at Casa View Baptist Church in Garland, Texas.  Based on advice he received early in his musical career, Jeff has always kept his day job with an industrial electronics & automation firm in Dallas. Jeff also has skills in sound engineering and technical equipment.


Keeping everything in time and on beat is our drummer Danny Standard.  He has been playing drums for the group from the very beginning.  Danny has also played in pop and country bands in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 30 years.  He is a member of First Baptist Church in Rockwall, Texas where he plays drums and percussion.  Danny’s past experience in various bands offers the group an added amount of creativity and uniqueness in sound and style.


Last but certainly not least is our soundman Allan “Doc” Chandler.  “Doc” is a professional sound engineer and audio technician. He designs and installs sound systems to churches, schools, and other civic venues all over Texas.  You can imagine our delight when “Doc” agreed to run sound for our group. Not only does he make us sound good, he also makes sure we have the right equipment and technology to deliver a first-class presentation.  On Sundays you’ll find him running sound in his home church in Terrell, Texas.